Everything You Need to Know About Allergen Testing

In the past, food testing mainly centred on determining whether food contained microbes and chemical contaminants. However, with the rise in the number of people with food allergies, it has become imperative to do proper allergen testing. Providing allergen-free food protects the manufacturer from lawsuits and other liabilities resulting from consumers getting sick. Here is everything you need to know about allergen testing and its importance in manufacturing, packaging and distribution. Read More 

Lice Control for Sheep: A Guide

Lice are common parasites in sheep. They are host-dependent parasites whose population can grow rapidly, affecting productivity. For instance, lice can affect the quantity and quality of wool production. In addition, sheep tend to spend less time grazing when infested with lice, further reducing productivity. Therefore, it's critical to identify the signs of lice infestation early enough for treatment purposes if you rear sheep. The lice infestation indicators to watch out for include wool or hair loss, rubbing, inflamed skin, wounds, intense itching, weight loss and licking. Read More 

Three Indispensable Tips for Efficient Food Allergen Testing

Proper allergen testing is essential when dealing with food production. Keep in mind that allergens are not like other harmful elements in food products like bacteria and other disease-causing elements. These cannot be eliminated by exposure to high-heat or similar strategies. The only effective approach to protecting consumers is testing for potentially harmful compounds to certain people and providing the right information through labelling. If you are unfamiliar with allergen testing, consider using these basic guidelines to achieve good results in your food production operation. Read More 

3 Inspection Areas that Farmers Forget to Check when Buying Second-Hand Tractors

When preparing to replace an aging tractor with a used one, farmers usually have a good idea of the machine they need. However, while knowing what you require is critical when buying a second-hand tractor, proper examination of a prospective tractor is essential. For example, most farmers fail to conduct a thorough inspection of used tractors during purchase. Therefore, this article highlights critical inspection areas when buying a second-hand tractor. Read More 

Harrowing: Various Kinds of Disc Harrows You Can Use on Your Tractor

When planting wheat, one thing that can adversely affect seed germination is the quality of ploughing. Seeds planted underneath large clogs of soil may find it hard to penetrate to the surface, making your wheat grow in patches. However, you can easily sort this problem by harrowing. The purpose of harrowing is to smooth the soil by grinding the large blocks into fine soil particles to promote seed germination. You can use disc harrows for the harrowing process. Read More