3 Inspection Areas that Farmers Forget to Check when Buying Second-Hand Tractors

When preparing to replace an aging tractor with a used one, farmers usually have a good idea of the machine they need. However, while knowing what you require is critical when buying a second-hand tractor, proper examination of a prospective tractor is essential. For example, most farmers fail to conduct a thorough inspection of used tractors during purchase. Therefore, this article highlights critical inspection areas when buying a second-hand tractor.

Newly Paint Coat

The sheer number of tractors that are sold at auctions can be overwhelming to farmers, so farmers can narrow down their search by giving new-looking equipment priority. However, this is a mistake because farmers will likely be drawn to tractors that are freshly painted. Since fresh paint coat hides small dents, rust streaks and cracks, then it is more than likely that you will miss such imperfections with a superficial inspection. Therefore, thoroughly inspect tractors with new paint coat for defects and in case you find any, leave the particular machine and go on to the next one.  

Extra Pair of Eyes

As mentioned earlier, farmers usually know what they want when shopping for farm machinery at an auction. Therefore, it can be difficult to change a farmer's mind once it is made up. For instance, a farmer might need a 4WD tractor, but if there is only one remaining at an auction and it has a transmission defect, then the farmer might be tempted to buy it and fix the problem later. However, it can be a problem especially if you know little about tractor repair. Notably, you might end up paying more than what you had budgeted for. Therefore, having an extra pair of eyes in the form of a fellow farmer who knows a bit more about tractors can save you the trouble. In essence, the second set of eyes helps to keep emotions at bay when buying a used tractor.

Maintenance Logs

One of the most commonly forgotten documents when buying a used tractor is the maintenance logs. Farmers will ask for proof of ownership, work orders and inspection lists but forget to ask about maintenance logs. Although tractors are manufactured to withstand the harsh working conditions on farms, they do succumb to breakdowns and as such require regular maintenance and repair sessions. A maintenance log provides you with information regarding the type of repairs that have been done on the tractor and how you can reach the service provider.

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