Harrowing: Various Kinds of Disc Harrows You Can Use on Your Tractor

When planting wheat, one thing that can adversely affect seed germination is the quality of ploughing. Seeds planted underneath large clogs of soil may find it hard to penetrate to the surface, making your wheat grow in patches. However, you can easily sort this problem by harrowing. The purpose of harrowing is to smooth the soil by grinding the large blocks into fine soil particles to promote seed germination.

You can use disc harrows for the harrowing process. They are efficient in dealing with the large clogs of soils to give you the fine, powdery soil that you desire. Here are a few kinds of disc harrows that you can use on your tractor to make soil suitable for wheat seed germination:

Hydraulic Trailed Offset Disc Harrow

The hydraulic trailed offset disc harrow is attached at the back of the tractor for trailing. Due to its immense weight, the hydraulic trailed offset disc harrow can easily break large and heavy clods of soil. Moreover, part of the harrowing process also involves enriching the soil by mixing it with green manure and organic matter such as humus. The harrow's weight enables you to bury the green manure and organic matter deep into the soil where it decomposes fast.

The hydraulic trailed offset disc harrow is ideal for both light and heavy harrowing farm work. This includes shattering large clods of soil or superficial ploughing to produce fine-grained soil particles.

When buying, you should get the optional wheels that will enable you to tow the harrow on the road.

Mounted Disc Harrows

The mounted disc harrow is fixed on the tractor to form a compact structure. Unlike the hydraulic trailed offset disc harrow, it does not trail. The small size of the harrow improves its manoeuvrability, which makes it ideal for short head farms where the tractor must turn severally. It is also suitable if your farm has many obstacles such as tree stumps. However, it is important to note that the mounted disc harrow is lighter than the hydraulic trailed offset disc harrow. Therefore, you will not be able to harrow deep into the soil.

Mounted Tandem Disc Harrow

The mounted tandem disc harrow is also used on the tractor as a compact unit. It does not trail behind the tractor. This harrowing element is used for breaking and removing roots that will interfere with the planting process. With the mounted tandem disc harrow, you can increase the number of discs on the harrowing element for additional strength.