3 Reasons Why You Should Test Your Farming Water Periodically

Water testing is not just important where drinking water is concerned. Water tests should also be carried out for water meant for agricultural uses as well. If you are farming, whether on a small scale or large scale, this article brings to light the importance of agricultural water tests:

Protect the health of your livestock

Livestock, just like humans can react negatively to contaminants in your borehole or tank water. They are especially susceptible to bacteria. These can render your animal ill and cost you expensive vet bills. Other concerns such as too much acidity or alkalinity in your water will also affect your animals. The effects will range from general discomfort to digestion problems. Ultimately, water poisoning can prove fatal for livestock, too. In some cases, the contaminants can be passed onto humans through consumption of meat or milk.

Keeps your plants and the soil around them healthy

Although plants are not at risk of infections like humans or animals, they too can be affected by some contaminants in water. In most cases, contaminants will disrupt the nutrition condition of the soil. Nitrates, for example, can alter the nitrogen contents of the soil thereby affecting the growth of your plants. Pesticides present in water can also harm other plants and affect their germination. Other factors that can affect the general growth of plants include acidity, calcium and mineral deposits. In total, water contaminants may ruin your crop either through poor growth or through costly treatment procedures.

Avoid premature wear of your piping

Pipes form the bulk of any agricultural activity. However, they too can easily be affected by water contaminants. Increased calcium, for example, can lead to formation of calcium deposits which can clog pipes. This can prompt you to overwork your pumps and spend a lot of money on energy costs. Alternatively, you may have to replace your pipes and other fittings like valves.

On a larger scale, pH imbalance can cause corrosion in metal pipes and storage tanks. This can necessitate costly replacements which can affect your farming venture with time. Note that other items such as water tanks and water pumps can be affected by corrosion as well.

As a preventive measure, it's therefore wise to get your farming water tested regularly. Such an affordable exercise can help you save a lot of money in the long run and enjoy better farming results. Since water content changes regularly, make sure to test once or twice a year. You never know when certain contaminants will make their way into your borehole, tank or other water source.